Online Reputation Is a Priority to Any Business

Online reputation should be a priority for any business. Many companies ignore the importance of online reputation until they become victims of a bad online reputation that threatens their business.
To avoid situations that may be costly to your firm, it is crucial that you know how to manage your online reputation to keep your business services running smoothly.
To keep your online reputation, Business 2 Community recommends a few practical steps.

1. Claim Your online profile
It is recommended that you claim your business’ online profiles on review sites such as Google or Facebook. Ensure that the email associated with the reports is regularly tracked so that customer reviews are addressed on a timely basis. Ensure that your business profile stays up to date with descriptions, contact information, and links to your website.

2. Activate social media accounts
Besides reviews, your company should have active social media accounts. Address the comments posted on your account and post all relevant information on the enterprise. Avoid fighting negative comments since they have the power to destroy your company’s reputation.

3. Respond professionally to online reviews and social media comments
Use a professional tactical response when addressing all comments and reviews. You should consider online reputation as a customer service extension. Therefore, it is critical that you show commitment while addressing the reports and observations. Ensure that your responses meet the issues of each client in the best way possible.

4. Do not fight back in case of negative review
If you someone leaves a negative review about your company, consider them as your weaknesses and work out to fix them instead of fighting back. Negative comments are a good source of business ideas.
For instance, they might point out market gaps that your company is not serving, which helps you improve your service delivery. Additionally, they provide a platform to show how you can handle your customers. Bad reviews are a customer’s honest way of informing you about your business and its brands.

5. Ask your customers to review your business
You should ask your customers to give comments about your business online. Clients will always give positive reviews when satisfied with the services received. Address them with expertise to avoid dissatisfaction which invites online defamation.


Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is something that many people have heard about. But while the word itself is well known, there is not a lot about it that is known by the general public. Learning about what Kabbalah is and familiarizing yourself with the Kabbalah Centre can introduce a whole new world into your life that you were not realizing was important to have.
Kabbalah is based in the Judaism religion. What it is can differ depending upon who is discussing it, but Kabbalah is basically a set of teachings that are meant to explain the relationship that exists between Ein Sof or infinity and the universe or God’s creation. While it is much more complicated than this, this definition is the very basic breakdown of what Kabbalah is.
Kabbalah was originally taught to those over the age of 40. This was the age that it was thought that this was the age of wisdom. That is part of the reason that the Kabbalah Centre was so different from the original teachings. This centre is based out of California and they offer courses on both Kabbalah and Zohar. Some of these courses are offered online while others are offered at various locations throughout the world.
The Kabbalah Centre has locations in North and South America as well as in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The vast number of locations makes it easy for people around the world to study with the Kabbalah Centre. And studying with the Kabbalah Centre is made easier by the fact that you do not need to have a lot of experience with Judaism and its teachings to begin studying.
Kabbalah is complicated to understand but learning through the Kabbalah Centre is a great way to begin the process of learning what Kabbalah is all about. There are enough locations as well as online courses that it does not matter where you are when you decide to start.

How Madison Street Capital has helped in Provision of Financial Advisory Services

Investment banking is one of the sectors that significantly contribute to building the economy of the United States. The sector does this by offering outstanding financial advice to companies in different sectors of the US economy. Investment banks in the United States provide a variety of services to both corporate clients as well as individual customers. The primary services offered by investment banks include rendering advisory opinions in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring services for companies, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting and also financial advice services.

In the provision of these services, they ensure that the clients follow the regulations as provided by legislation, especially during mergers and acquisitions. In business valuation, they help shareholders determine the actual value of their company where a partnership is in the offing. For a corporate entity to enjoy the immense benefits offered by investment banks, it is necessary to seek such services from a reputable investment advisor. This is because a reputable investment bank has a team of experienced analysts who have been in the industry for many years. The experienced investment bankers can offer sound financial advice to corporate clients on funding for their companies and how to better protect their interest during certain financial transactions. It is important for customers to hire the services of an experienced investment firm when the company wants advice on investment transactions.

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading investment banks advising different enterprises in the United States. The firm has helped many clients in securing favorable outcomes through the provision of sound financial advice on their investments. The firm offers advice to corporate clients during mergers and acquisition transactions, business valuation and helping the company in securing funding for their operations of activities. Apart from providing financial services in the United States, it provides its services in Africa and Asia. Madison Street Capital was incorporated back in 2005 as a middle market investment firm operating in Chicago in the State of Illinois. Apart from providing quality and sound investment advice to American companies, the firm has widened its operations by offering the important financial advice to companies in Africa and Asia.

The firm is highly committed to building strong businesses in the United States by putting the needs of the clients first. This is a cardinal principle that the company has used since inception. Companies that are looking for investment advice on mergers and acquisitions, selling their enterprise or general advice on financial matters of business, it is necessary to seek the services from Madison Street Capital. Apart from the efforts made by Madison Street Capital in providing investment advice, it is highly involved in philanthropic activities in the United States. The firm has been able to work with United Way one of the most committed organizations to helping those less fortunate in the society by providing foodstuff and shelter. Learn more:

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The Administration of Davos Real Estate Group Creates an Amazing Real Estate Program.

David Osio is a professional who has ample information and experience in administration of businesses and provision of monetary solutions. He is acknowledged as a significant individual in offering law services that are business related, guidance on finances, and banking solutions in the financial sector of Venezuela and Latin America. David learned his skills in international education, finance, and banking at the University of Catolica Andres Bello, which is based in Caracas, Venezuela. He later advanced his knowledge in investment counseling and banking at the New York-based Institute of Finance and the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA)

Davos Real Estate Group has informed the public on its plans of releasing a new cell phone application, which is known as Davos CAP Calculator. The primary focus of the software is to help the firm’s customers in estimating the profits that they can generate from investing their money in different types of assets in the real estate sector. The Davos Real Estate group is owned by David Osio and it is a self-governing business that has been successful. It is a unit of the Davos Financial Group, which is global enterprise and it has been known for about 20 years as a leading business in Latin America that provides a broad range of financial guidance. The firm has a target of making an investment plan that can significantly help in achieving what the customers need and offering remarkable solutions to its clients through a highly professional group of employees.

Mr. Gerard Gonzalez, who works for the Davos Real Estate Group as its Executive Director, has been tirelessly and keenly working with the technicians, who are in charge of creating the software, to ensure that they develop a tool that can assist clients in estimating the returns that they can get from various investments. Customers will access this new application via two mobile phone platforms, which are iOS and Android. The company plans to release other applications that are linked to the Davos CAP Calculator and can help the clients in identifying various assets.

According to David Osio, the company is currently running according to its objectives since it has made a mobile phone application that enables its customers to get advice as they invest in real estate business in the United States. Mr. Gonzalez believes that the new software will assist investors to forecast on the financial factors of business before investing in it.

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Davos Real Estate Group Announces New App

David Osio has owned and operated the Davos Financial Group for over 20 years. He has developed it into one of the most successful real estate investment group in South America during that time. One of the reasons that his real estate investment group has been so successful is because of the fact that those that run it are always looking for new ways to help investors and new ways to use technology to aid customers in their quest for financial gain. Their latest development is no exception to the culture that Davos has created over the last 20 years or so.

David Osio and his executive directors; Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili announced to board members that they are releasing a new mobile application for investors with the group. The application is called the Davos CAP Calculator. The name of the application says it all when it comes to what it does. It is a calculator. The calculator is primarily used by customers to help predict what kind of return on investment they will receive on any property that they are interested in.

The CAP calculator took over 6 months for Davos to development in partnership with a technology company. The calculator can calculate ROI based on any variables that the investor may have regarding a given property. This includes property tax rates, ecological concerns on bigger properties, and renovations that are needed in order to make the property viable.

Osio has used his years of experience as both a financial legal representative and an investor to help make this app as useful as possible. Osio got his start as a young lawyer in Venezuela in the financial industry. He started in the early 80s and worked his way up to representing some of the biggest corporations in the nation. During this time, he acquired a vast amount of knowledge about financial regulations and investing itself. Learn more:

He then decided to take this knowledge and form his own investment group. He moved to Miami, FL in the early 1990s and start Davos Financial Group. The Davos Real Estate Group operates within this group. Since then he has grown this financial group into one of the biggest investment firms operating in South America.

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Stephen P. Murray – CEO, Philanthropist, and Family Man

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was born in New York, on August 2, 1962. He was the Co-Founder and former CEO of CCMP (Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JP Morgan Partners), a private equity firm of New York. Mr. Murray was a 1984 Boston University grad, with an Economics degree.

He entered the Credit Analyst Training Program with the Manufacturers Hanover Corp. in 1984 and finished the program in 1989. He was also a 1989 Columbia Business School grad, with a Business Administration degree. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

The very busy Mr. Murray then became a member of Manufacturers Hanover’s leveraged finance unit within their private equity group, which was purchased by and melded with Chemical Bank Venture Partners, in 1991. After another merger in 1996, with Chase Manhattan Corp., the company was re-named Chase Capital Partners.

In 2005 Stephen P. Murray was at the head of JP Morgan Partners’ buyout business sector. In the middle of 2006, Mr. Murray became the Co-Founder of CCMP Capital. He became the President and CEO of CCMP in 2007.

Stephen P. Murray served in many capacities as his career went through its developments into his becoming the Co-Founder and CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007, but these were not his only endeavors. He was also on the board of many well-known businesses.

A few examples are Aramark, AMC Entertainment, and Cabela’s, and Vice-Chairman of The Board at Boston College. Mr. Murray also supported many other businesses and foundations, such as Columbia Business School, Make A Wish Foundation of New York, Boston College, and many others.

Mr. Murray stepped down from his position as CEO of CCMP Capital and relinquished his title to Mr. Greg Brenneman, who had been the second in command. He left his position because of an illness which took his life only a month later (8/2/62 – 3/12/2016).

Mr. Stephen Murray was only 52 years old when he passed away and he leaves his wife, Tami Murray, four sons, and many other family members and friends, including those he worked with at CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was a kind and giving man and a great businessman. He is, and will continue to be, missed by many.

Have a Fab Date Night

Picture this: you are at home, getting ready to go out on the town for a fun night with the girls. Your hair and makeup are done, all that’s left is to pick out that perfect outfit. The problem is, anything that is remotely sexy is also extremely uncomfortable. That is where Kate Hudson’s brand on Facebook comes in.

The Fabletics athletic apparel sold by Ms. Kate Hudson is usually just suited for a day in the gym or at spinning class. But thanks to growing demand, the actress has opted to start designing pieces such as dresses and swimsuits that can be worn when lounging, and for when you want to take it to the next level. Although Kate ensures us that you won’t pop out of your bikini top while practicing morning yoga, some pieces are not for a full on workout. The dresses are great for a pre-dinner stroll along the beach, or a day of shopping with the girls, but still give you a look that would be considered sultry instead of frumpy. See:

Marie Claire recently interviewed the actress turned fashionista, and she earnestly urged her customers to wear her designs from Fabletics on date nights as well as to the gym. She loves the built in bras that give plenty of support, as well as added comfort. The new swimwear is also great for seaside yoga and swimming a few laps before breakfast. With so many options for use, it is obvious why Fabletics has skyrocketed in popularity within the last few months. There are so many options available, so everyone can find something they love at Fabletics.

Perhaps the best thing about the website of Mic’s article is that consumers are able to skip months where they do not wish to order anything. This makes it financially reasonable, especially when the first month will only set you back twenty-five dollars. There is really no downside to trying Fabletics on for size, so give it a go! You may be surprised with how much you love it.

Global Reach Enhancing Effectiveness of the SEC Whistleblower Program

Due to the complexity of securities violations, the Congress convened in 2010 and amended the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection Act to include additional protection and capabilities for whistleblowers. Initially, there were barriers that would make it difficult for one to defy borders while reporting violations, but with the formation of the SEC Whistleblower Program, it is now allowed to report violations regardless of your location. This will help to nab companies that operate globally and have outlets in many countries.

Labaton Sucharow LLP is among law firms that have been allowed to work with whistleblowers to bring facts to the table. The firm has been advising whistleblowers about international reporting because each country is a different jurisdiction that must also be respected. SEC Whistleblower Attorneys reviews facts presented to come up with a conclusive judgment regarding the validity of the information. This is necessary because some individuals may resort to reporting lies so they can get rewards.

Today, whistleblowers from all walks of life and any part of the globe can contribute in the fight against securities violations. Due to the elimination of territorial barriers, the number of reports submitted has increased. By 2012, more than 10 percent of the reports received came from other jurisdictions, which proves the program is effectively streamlining the industry.

Unique and focused approach
One of the driving factors that are pushing SEC Whistleblower Attorneys is the innovation drive and the need to maintain focus on facts. Evaluating the cases involves scrutiny to first establish whether violations have occurred. This is followed by understanding the goals and objectives of the client before examining the risks that will accompany the report. Finally, SEC Whistleblower Attorneys draft disclosure strategies that keep the risk of retaliation low while maximizing the potential of monetary compensation.

Awesome rewards for insider information
Initially, the SEC Whistleblower Program rewarded whistleblowers at least 10 percent of the total sanctions collected from a company or individual, but this was revised to allow for better packages. The new packages, announced on 17th May, 2016, state that a whistleblower who shares critical insider information will be eligible to receive between $5 and $6 million, if the information is verified and truth revealed.

There is also an employment protection package that protects employees from harsh action by their employers. An employer may not demote, suspend, harass, threaten or discriminate against an employer who comes out to blow the whistle.

How Does Andy Wirth See The California Drought Affecting Ski Resorts?

Andy Wirth paid a visit to KCRW Radio on the same day I was driving through the area on our annual vacation. I was happy to stay tuned to listen to Press Play with Madeleine Brand, and her hard-hitting interview with Andy showed that he understands how the environment affects California. This article explains the impression I got from Andy in the interview, and it shows why the drought hurts all areas of the state outside of the deserts.

#1: How Does A Drought Affect Snowfall?

Snowfall in the Lake Tahoe area is critical to ski season. Skiers cannot ski the slopes they are accustomed to visiting if there is no precipitation, and a drought sucks all the moisture out of the air. There is no moisture free to move into the mountains, and Andy shared that his own ski resorts are having much shorter snow seasons.

#2: What Can Be Done To Stem The Drought?

The California drought has a stranglehold on every citizen of the state, but the ski towns near Lake Tahoe are often forgotten because it is such an affluent. Citizens in California are often not aware that it will not snow for weeks at a time due to the drought, and the communities near Lake Tahoe lose millions in revenue because skiing is not available.

#3: How Does Andy Wish To Find A Solution?

Andy Wirth prefers to seek out a solution in collaboration with the people of California. Andy Wirth wants to convince all Californians to do their part to help stop the drought, and he wishes to explain to Californians small things they may do to help. Snow will not start falling immediately, but a conservationist bent from the people of California may help shorten the drought.

Andy Wirth is quite convincing in his portrayal of the California drought as an all-encompassing problem. He is quite concerned about the ski hotels he owns near Lake Tahoe, but he does not want Californians to lose sight of how bad the drought has been for them. Coming together to solve the problem is the abiding wish in Andy’s heart.

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Bernardo Chua Brings A Different Dimension

Seen as an innovator and one of the top people in the direct sales industry, Bernardo Chua has been impacting the world for many years. A native of the Philippians, Chua has built a business that is not only making money, but helping improve the lives of many people. His company Organo Gold has become a world wide brand and has produced a number of popular products.

Chua’s company Organo Gold offers a variety of coffee and various other products. These products use a unique mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidium. Ganoderma is a well known herb used in Asia that is known for it’s health benefits. The herb is known for its antioxidant qualities and has been used in Chinese medicine for years. When he created the company in 2008, Chua saw a great need to create a company that could help take ganoderma products to a mass audience. His company produces a number of teas, coffees and other beverages.

Bernardo T. Chua has worked for years in multi-level marketing. He began his career working as an executive with Gano Excel in the Philippines. From there he moved to the US and became president of Gano Excel which is responsible for marketing products with ganoderma in them. Chua gained a lot of knowledge of the herb during that time. Move along to 2008 that is when Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold. Chua’s expertise in the field of marketing has helped him to turn Organo Gold into a worldwide known brand. He should continue to make an impact of years to come.

There’s a reason Bernardo is so successful, and largely it’s all down to determination and the will to succeed.   Do yourself a favor and follow Mr. Chua on Twitter @OGBernie.