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New York Attorney Ross Abelow Takes Time To Help Stray Animals

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If you love animals then you hate when you see one that is homeless and hungry. Those commercials on television showing dogs outside in the cold and snow make you cry. The animals that are shivering and cold are in need of help. New York and other large cities are noticing the population of dogs and cats running in the city. These animals are showing up dead or almost dead due to starvation and cold temperatures. People like Ross Abelow are trying to help the situation. These people are trying to help by providing the food and necessary medical attention to the many homeless animals that run the streets. Everyone sees these animals but most want to ignore them. So, what can we do to help the situation? How can we control the number of dogs and cats that die on the streets each year?

Ross Abelow is launching a donation page called the go fund me. It is a place where people can make donations to help the cause. It accepts donations large and small. Places like the animal shelters and pet adoption centers will benefit from the money collected. Food and warm blankets will help the shelters continue to work with animals. Training and good health will almost guarantee a dog a new home but dogs that are untrained and unhealthy will have a difficult time being adopted.

Ross is an attorney in New York. He works with families and entertainers to provide legal consultation. He provides families with the financial paperwork they need to get married or divorced. He also helps draw up living wills and final will and testaments. Ross is a family man that enjoys ball games and hanging out with his friends. He graduated from law school in New York. After graduation, Ross went to work helping New York and the surrounding area receive the legal help they need.

Lawyers in New York are some of the best around. Attorneys help with any kind of legal help you need. People that are in need of a criminal attorney can get one in New York. Criminal attorneys in NY have represented some of the biggest cases around. They have expertise and the know how to do what it takes to get the job done right. Almost all of the attorneys are on the Lawyerlightouse publication. This list helps clients find the people they want to represent them in any legal situation. On this list you will find wonderful attorneys like Ross Abelow. After you find his listing, make sure to read about his go fund me cause for stray and lost animals. Any donation made will help to get closer to the goal of $5000 dollars.

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Human Rights/Activism

Thor Halvorssen Leads The Human Rights Foundation in Securing Human Rights and Freedom Around the World

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The Human Rights Foundation, with headquarters in NYC, promotes human rights globally by raising awareness and educating on human rights issues and the importance of freedom around the world, especially in the areas where it is most needed. HRF does this by having several kinds of initiatives such as campaigns for freeing political prisoners, producing films and other types of media on human rights topics, seminars on Capitol Hill, having educational programs in closed societies and sponsoring events to inform the public about human rights issues.

The founder and president of HRF, Thor Halvorssen, is a human rights activist and film producer who founded the organization in 2005. From 1999-2004, he co-founded the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education and served as its Executive Director and CEO. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, patron of a children’s peace movement out of Prague called On Own Feet; The Centipede Children, and has produced several films about freedom and human rights, such as The Singing Revolution, The Sugar Babies, and Hammer and Tickle. The Sugar Babies, about human rights violations of children forced to work on sugar farms in the Dominican Republic, won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Delray Beach Film Festival and was shown by Amnesty International France on their film tour.

Thor Halvorssen, who is of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent, was personally affected by human rights abuses in his own life. His father, a diplomat and ambassador, in August of 1993 was falsely imprisoned and tortured in a Venezuelan jail. His father was only freed because numerous human rights organizations and advocates like Amnesty International and the International Society of Human Rights took on his case. His mother was also shot and wounded at a peaceful public gathering by members of the Venezulan government security in 2004 and his cousin, the Venezuelan politican Leopoldo Lopez, became a political prisoner in 2014. Thor Halvorssen continues to dedicate his time to human rights causes, and since HRF’s founding in 2005 it has secured the release of seven prisoners of conscience.

Autism Awareness/Business Leaders

Sanjay Shah Helping Raise Awareness of Autism

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Sanjay has been in the financial industry for most of his life. However, this is not his only passion. Despite his company offering services in countries all around the world, he has started to focus his sights onto other services, such as raising awareness for causes close to his heart. One of these causes is bringing more attention to autism. While autism is a condition millions of people deal with every single year it is something that very few people actually know anything about. Not only do most people who have not been exposed to autism not know anything about it, but even doctors do not know what causes the condition, which is what makes avoiding autism in the first place so difficult. As the parent of someone with autism, Sanjay is someone who wants to help other children who suffer from autism but do not have access to the medical treatments and assistance required to learn and grow as a healthy individual. That is exactly why he has created Autism Rocks and done everything he can to raise money for the sponsorship cause.

Throughout the world, there are children who simply do not have access to quality medical treatments and education to improve their learning capability. Autistic children need more personalized attention, but with the right learning structure it is possible for students to thrive and eventually take on an independent role on their own in society. This way, it is possible for individuals to learn and to expand upon themselves. Students in regions without this kind of attention are often cast aside and do not receive the quality care they need. With the money raised by Autism Rocks and Sanjay Shah, he can help hundreds of children now.

There are a few different way Sanjay Shah is raising money. First, the major money maker is the Autism Rocks concert series he puts on around the world, where top tier musicians donate their time and energy to put on concerts where the invite only tickets go towards the good cause. His Go Fund Me campaign is also a service that helps with this. Follow Sanjay on Twitter for news and other updates.

Beauty Bloggers/YouTubers

People Who Have Become Famous On You Tube

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A lot of people have become well known on YouTube, some people have even gotten discovered and become famous. People like Justin Bieber who was discovered by the famous Usher when he was just a little kid and became a huge star, The Weekend was discovered in 2010 after Drake started posting his music on his personal blog, and Cody Simpson was discovered on YouTube after a music producer named Shawn Campbell discovered him and his music and got him a record deal with mega famous Atlantic records. Carly Rae Jepson was on YouTube singing her big hit “Call Me Maybe” when Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun saw her and felt that she had significant talent and should be famous, he then became her manager.

The Wonderful World of Wengie, a famous site from Australia, was discovered on YouTube, this is a website for cosmetics by Wendy Huang. She is a beauty blogger who offers reviews of products, tutorials, beauty, and what is hot and what is not in the world of beauty. The site was first started when she was doing marketing for other companies and saw how websites, social media, and blogs helped promote their business. She then decided to start her own company and do the same marketing for her.

Wengie is also about fashion, style, and beauty fashionistas. She follows other fashion gurus on YouTube and in fashion magazines and is inspired by them. She says she started out by learning from others but had to adapt what she learned to her own self. She has a particular interest in Asian (Japanese and Korean) beauty products and their use because of the lack of information and help that is offered for these women. She also has an obsessed interest in circle lenses, she says that these contacts helps to make your pupils appear larger to other people and also help you appear more full of energy and alert. She says that different colors have different affects and she explains about how to use them, who they suit, and how to apply the make-up to suit them.


Why Kyle Bass’ Predictions Should Be Carefully Considered

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Kyle Bass has made a handful of successful economic predictions, but the primacy of his success seems to come from underhanded means.

Kyle Bass became well-known in financial circles around 2008. He predicted that sub-prime lending practices which were in wide use among American banking systems would result in a collapse. Bass was correct in this prediction, so many began to pay attention to him.

Bass runs a hedge fund out of Texas, and that hedge fund’s performance seems to have an inverse relationship to Bass’ media appearances. The more appearances he makes, the more boldly he predicts economic trends, the more poorly his fund performs. There are those who think this is one of the reasons which prompted Bass into creation of his special interest group, CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. What CAD does is use petitions, lawsuits, or any means that are convenient to force pharmaceuticals into decreasing the cost of their medications. This results in a stock drop for the pharmaceuticals which Bass quickly capitalizes on through short selling of the stock he has with the company CAD’s been set upon. Basically, Bass uses a mask of humanitarianism to gut rich companies.

Why he does this could certainly be explained through financial drive, but there is a deeper possible motive which shouldn’t be ignored. Kyle Bass is closely aligned with Cristina Fernanez de Kirchner.

De Kirchner is a socialist despot presiding over Argentina. She’s actually pushed the country so far into the red that Argentina has economically defaulted twice over the last thirteen years. Yet one won’t find a word of negativity toward this positively abhorrent financial state of affairs from Bass. In contrast, Bass seems only capable of praising the despot, and every indication supports the contention he operates in America as one of her lackeys.

UsefulStooges exposed that Kyle Bass is currently involved in continuing CAD efforts to diminish stock value of big pharmaceutical companies, and stopping him is difficult because his actions are technically legal. So deep is the problem that congress waxes bipartisan in their efforts to shut Bass down.

In light of these things, whenever Bass makes a media appearance, it isn’t untoward to assume he’s operating with ulterior motives in mind. Very likely, he’s got some further manipulation not immediately apparent up his sleeve. The clues are in his hedge fund’s poor performance, CAD, and his ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Though Bass seems to be making accurate predictions about China currently, it’s important to remember that many other financial analysts have come to the same conclusion. It’s just possible Bass is encouraging or discouraging a trend in some way with his remarks. With Bass, be sure to read between the lines.


The World of Banking

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Very wealthy, well dressed, well spoken and confident is what we all think of when we think about investment bankers. Martin Lustgarten is no exception. As an investment banker Martin has made a ton of money and a lot of people happy and rich. Martin Lustgarten is the Chief Executive Officer at his own firm Lustgarten, Martin. The Florida Native has been working in the same field for over 20 years and has been approved tried and trusted. With a net worth that is undisclosed, it is not hard to see why they say he is some what private about his finances. With all the terrible acts of theft and embezzlement going on in the investment banking world, it is always nice to see one of the good guys. False accusations didn’t stop Martin Lustgarten at all, he continues to make money by doing his job the right way.
Martin Lustgarten is a family man. He enjoys taking his companion on skiing trips and mountain climbing. It seems like there is always a smile on Martin’s face. With a beautiful family and a ton of money, it must be easy to smile so much. He has a lot of different interests other than traveling and most of them include making some kind of money. He is a self proclaimed vintage watch trader and collector. Along with making great investments for companies he also has a silly talent. He loves to juggle and also has a Vimeo account.
As you can see Martin Lustgarten is a well rounded family man. He plays by the rules and makes a lot of money.

Mobile Phone Service

FreedomPop Increases Its Fundraising For A New Global Hotspot

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Travelers around the world will receive better Internet coverage with help from FreedomPop and their global hotspot. The hotspot is a new idea that will help travelers fire up their Internet services anywhere in the world, and FreedomPop has raised $50 million according to an article in Recode. This article explains how the hotspot is a boon for travelers who have a hard time finding simple Internet access.

#1: Internet Access Around The World Is Spotty At Best

Travelers around the world who are looking for better Internet services must search for hours at times to find a signal. Wifi is not a common service around the world, but FreedomPop is creating a scenario in which a customer may turn on their hotspot at any time. Every hotspot is encased in a single device that travelers carry with them, and FreedomPop charges a flat fee for the service.

#2: Users Will Pay Much Less For Coverage

The coverage offered by FreedomPop comes to users for the price of $49.99. Every user will pay a single fee to turn on the hotspot around the world, and FreedomPop has raised $50 million to develop networks around the world. The company is attempting to raise funds that will give their customers better services, and the company plans to offer customers a much better way to use the Internet while traveling.

FreedomPop has improved their service offerings with help from a $50 million infusion of cash. The money will be used to create an inexpensive wifi hotspot that may be used around the world. Every user who invests in the hotspot will have access to the Internet in every part of the world, and the coverage will likely expand in the future. FreedomPop is clearly committed to cheap and accessible Internet access for all users.

Human Rights/Activists

The Human Rights Foundation Pushes For Open Societies

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The 21st century still sees people in certain societies living under the oppressive rule of corrupt leaders and officials despite the best efforts of activists and campaigners from various groups. One of the most active, and best known human rights activism groups in the world is the Human Rights Foundation; despite only being formed in 2005 by film producer and activist Thor Halvorssen the charitable organization has become one of the most active in the world of human rights.

Thor Halvorssen has been an active participant in the fight for the rights of the oppressed for many years before forming his own group. The work of Halvorssen was inspired by the experiences of his own parents facing a loss of their own human rights in their native Venezuela when Thor was a younger person. After joining a number of different human rights groups Thor Halvorssen finally felt ready to establish the Human Rights Foundation in 2005, basing the organization in New York city.

The work of Thor Halvorssen is not limited to the human rights activism he takes part in, but also includes his career as a film producer of documentary and fiction films. Throughout his career Halvorssen has included subjects close to his heart in his work, such as the popular uprising in Hungary of 1956 that was the subject of an early documentary. Success has followed for Thor Halvorssen, who is now one of the most sought after producers in Hollywood.

The work of the Human Rights Foundation shows the successful approach Halvorssen has taken to producing each and every project he is involved in. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is not working alone in the Human Rights Foundation, but is instead looking to create an organization filled with those experienced in handling human rights issues. The board of the Human Rights Foundation includes a number of former political prisoners, religious leaders, and former politicians with spotless records.


The Success of Charles Koch

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The Koch brothers consist of David and Charles Koch who are the current owners of Koch Industries which is an oil refining company. Charles Koch is well known for his political beliefs and their advocacy for the free market. With the 2016 election coming up, the Koch brothers are now on a mission to find the perfect Republican candidate for the election to financially support.

Recently in news, Charles Koch sat down to a rare interview to discuss his hopes for the new election. These wealthy and conservative industrialists have labeled himself as a “classical liberal” and plan to translate their interests in the free market with the new 2016 election. The Koch brothers’ influence in politics has been most notable in the 2012 election when the Koch brothers raised over $400 million for the purpose of supporting Mitt Romney in the election. Though Mr. Romney lost, the Koch brothers have raised over $900 million for the 2016 election to whomever will be facing Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

Despite the Koch brothers’ efforts, the only roadblock in their way is Donald Trump, a self-funded candidate for the Republican side of the 2016 election. The Koch brothers are against the politics that Donald Trump has exercised through his beliefs on trade, foreign policy, as well as on taxes. The Koch brothers are completely against Mr. Trumps’ conservative view that all Muslims must register with the United State of America before entering the country. In the Koch brothers’ eyes, this would be a policy that goes against the idea of a free country.

In order to attack Donald Trump, Charles Koch and his team of investors have begun to highlight Donald Trump’s incapability to run a country through his bankruptcy as well as through his shady business deals that have been made in the past. With the elections coming up, the Koch brothers are now more than ever attempting to find a new candidate to support.

Charles Koch has the goal to pursue political influence for two different reasons. The first reason is to secure as well as expand the family name and the second reason is to promote the free market. Mr. Koch has already donated millions of dollars to several free market institutions such as George Mason University as well as several think tanks. Charles Koch is a firm believer that the economy should not be intervened by the government as that is what creates shortages and surpluses.


Sam Tabar: How to Improve Investor Relations

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For any financial services firm, success involves establishing excellent investor relations with individual clients as well as institutional investors. While many firms focus only on investors who possess a very high net worth, others realize it is also important to cultivate smaller investors who often get overlooked by most firms. However, a number of firms still choose not to make this a top priority, which often limits their business. However, while working as the Head of Business Development and Management at PMA Investment Advisors, Sam Tabar has realized just how important it is to not only keep current investors involved, but also bring in many new investors for added growth.

To succeed in investor relations, Sam knows it takes not only a vast knowledge of the financial market, but also a true desire to work with others in order to help them achieve their financial goals. To accomplish this, it takes a person such as Sam who has an extensive background in the legal and financial areas involving hedge funds. After graduating with Honors from Oxford University, he then decided to further his education by enrolling in Columbia Law School. While at Columbia, Sam began to showcase his abilities by becoming the Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. In fact, it was in this position that Sam laid the groundwork for what would become several of his specialties later on. Hedge fund structure and formation, employment law, compliance matters, and more were all areas Sam focused on while at Columbia.

Once Sam began his career in the investment industry, investor relations became his first and foremost priority. After becoming employed by PMA Investment and given management responsibilities for a $2 billion hedge fund, Sam set out to ensure the hedge fund would grow at an aggressive rate. To accomplish this, he knew it would take a combination of various types of investors being brought together in a short period of time. As a result of this strategy, Sam then began meeting with as many investors as possible, discussing their financial goals as well as how the hedge fund at PMA could work best for them. Meeting with clients the world over, Sam eventually was able to compile a list of over 2,500 investors whose net worth and financial goals were a perfect match for PMA.

While others stand pat once they achieve success, Sam is just the opposite as evidenced on Never one to slow down, Sam knows that to stay successful in the financial industry he must continue to look forward. Always one to take on the toughest challenges, Sam sees them as chances for success rather than potential problems. With this attitude, it’s no wonder Sam has succeeded.  Sam Tabar’s complete job history can be found on LinkedIn.