Jeff Herman – Seeking Justice in All 50 States and Puerto Rico

Jeff Herman has a unique law practice. His firm, Herman Law, found in Boca Raton more than 25 years ago has a team of compassionate attorneys who are staunch advocates for survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. Passionate about advocacy for victims of sexual abuse, Herman Law represents clients throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico. Because state statutes vary in each jurisdiction, Jeff liaises with attorneys in various jurisdictions to provide the best possible defense for clients.

Jeff stays abreast of federal and state statutes, statutes of limitation in various jurisdictions, and damage caps, which vary from state to state. This enables Jeff and his team to represent clients in different jurisdictions. A new bill introduced in New York State has caught the eye of Jeff Herman and his team.

Known as the Child Victims Act, State Senator Brad Hoylman, a Democrat, introduced the bill that will significantly extend the statute of limitations for survivors to bring civil or criminal charges against a sexual predator. This bill has turned into a partisan issue, challenged by Republicans. Senator John Flanagan, a Republican is the most vocal opponent of the bill. He and other Republicans believe extending the statute of limitations would overwhelm the court with lawsuits.

Assisting Senator Hoylman in raising awareness about the bill and its significance is a grassroots coalition called “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators.” They, have been fighting to ensure the substance of the bill and its importance is shared with all New Yorkers. The coalition just received a big boost. Actor Corey Feldman and U.S. Volleyball Teammate, Sarah Powers-Barnhard have joined the coalition, which has given the issue national prominence. In explaining why he joined the effort, Corey Feldman stated, “I am blessed to be here. I hope my presence will bring new opportunities. When it comes to childhood abuse, there is no way to get that light back.”

Getting the light back into the eyes of survivors and helping survivors get their lives back on track is the mission of Jeff Herman and Herman Law. KidSafe Foundation, a group that provides preventive education to families, recognized Jeff Herman as Child Advocate of the Year.