Why Dr. Mark Mofid Created A New Type Of Implant

Mark Mofid, MD, is a San Diego area plastic surgeon. He operates is own practice and treats both men and women who want to improve their appearance in some way. He is skilled at forms of plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, facelifts, gluteal augmentation, and liposuction among others. He and his team are dedicated to offering personalized services that are delivered in a compassionate way. They help their patients not just before and during the surgery but afterward as well.

In order to help his patients to the best of his ability Dr. Mark Mofid keeps himself informed about things going on in his industry, including new state of the art technology and new techniques. He is also very timely in appointments with his patients because he recognizes that everyone’s time is valuable. Patients always have direct access to him and he makes the process of getting cosmetic surgery as comfortable as possible.

It is in La Jolla just outside of San Diego that Dr. Mark Mofid put his offices. He also can meet with patients at a satellite office he set up in Chula Vista. The surgeries are all carried out in the main La Jolla office which is an AAAASF certified facility. The surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis and the surgical room is equipped with all of the latest surgical care.

Dr. Mark Mofid start doing gluteal augmentation surgery in 2006. When he started out the only choice was to use silicone implants. He said these were deficient and he always had to carve them down before he could perform the surgery. For this reason he created what’s called a Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant. He said it has a more tapered and natural profile while the bottom of it is more proportional. He said that the result is something that looks quite good and not fake at all. This new implant that he created is now sold to other plastic surgeons by a medical technology company called Implantech. He says that he doesn’t get any royalties from the sale of these implants.

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Choosing Rocketship Education for Better Schooling

Charter schools are becoming increasingly popular because of the fact that they allow people to send their kids to a public school that does not cost a thing without the public school education. One of the largest networks for charter schools is known as Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education has been around for quite some time and has served over 15,000 different students. 85 percent of the students come from low-income houses and families, but they are able to finally get the education that they deserve.

One of the key problems with low-income towns and cities is that the public schools often suffer. If your child is going to one of these schools, they might not get the education that they need to sustain their futures. If this has become a problem for you, it’s important that you give Rocketship Education a try for yourself and for your child’s sake. The beauty about Rocketship Education is that kids and their parents are involved in the growth of the company itself. This means that you can feel confident in the teachers who are responsible for your child’s education and know that you have some say in who is there working and helping with their education.

You will notice that Rocketship Education is based in California, but they have charter schools all over the country. This allows them to grow and expand their mission so that every child gets the education that they need. Once you make the decision to send your child to Rocketship Education, you are going to find that they blossom and truly receive the education that they need to live a full and substantial life. If you would like more information on Rocketship Education or are interested in sending your child there, you can visit their site and see what they can do for you. They offer a range of different programs that are geared to help kids learn and grow in an environment that is safe and comfortable for them. This is why so many parents have chosen charter schools for their kids and are finding them to be beneficial.