Traveling Vineyard Offering the Best Wines

Some things are utterly naturally such as good wine, good friends, and great conversation. Women around the country are enjoying these three things at once through Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is a company that sells directly to customers through their wine guides. The wine guides host wine tastings at their friends’ homes and meet new friends.

Traveling vineyard has a unique business form in that wine guides do not store products in their homes and roam with them around town until when their friends place an order. The business is commission based whereby the more you sell, the more you earn in a month or year. Most of the women start with Traveling Vineyard as homemakers or as a side hustle. Most of them end up quitting their careers because of the success they have experienced with Traveling Vineyard.

You do not have to be knowledgeable about wine to be a wine guide. Traveling Vineyard opens up its business plan for anyone who is interested in learning about wine by providing vineyard knowledge. The company delivers enough knowledge that the wine guide would be confident when explaining to guests and friends.

Retailing as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard is not only comfortable but also brings opportunities to supplement your income. Moreover, with your improved knowledge, you can mentor upcoming wine guides. Sharing knowledge means building your network thus earning additional percentage sales.

With the quality of wine from Travelling Vineyard, women are not stressed about selling a product that is not needed because their wine is highly demanded. After selling a bottle to your friends of Traveling Vineyard, mostly they are the ones who place an order next time. Wine is a product that many people do not miss on their dinner parties and during meals.

Traveling Vineyard business model is commission based therefore the more you expand your network by introducing other women, the more your earnings. To participate in Traveling Vineyard, you will start by purchasing their starter kit including all the supplies you need to host your first wine tasting. These supplies will include note cards, wine glasses, wine educational materials, instructions to start your website and invitations.

In addition to the income you get as a wine guide, every network you build for the company gives you a penny of the initial investment. Moreover, the company offers separate reward points based on your monthly sales. Traveling Vineyard is always updating their new products and offers on their website and social media platforms.

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