7 Fantastic Ways to Upgrade Your Interior Walls



It’s easy to forget that the walls and ceilings that surround us in our homes could use a bit more attention. Not only do our walls protect us from the elements, it also shields us from intruders and gives us the maximum amount of privacy we require. If we’re going to be staring at our interior walls for a good measure of time, it’s probably time we did something to spruce it up a little. Since there are plenty of ways to jazz up our interior walls, let’s take a look at a few examples.


Using Wainscoting Panels


You’re probably come across different types of wainscoting panels at some time or other. This super practical method can be used for extra insulation and prevents your walls from getting bumps and scratches. There are many different types of wainscoting designs available for you to choose from: e.g. raised panels, flat panels, board and batten, beadboard, and many more.


Get Detail-oriented




Textured panels and other 3D embellishments can be used to create a stunning wall feature. You can choose from a wide variety of materials, e.g. wood, metal, rock, fabric, etc. This method for upgrading your wall is very flexible and can be applied to any type of design concept you prefer. If you’re looking to add the illusion of height to a space, use vertical panels, and if you’re looking to add to the length of a room, use horizontal panels instead.


Saying It with Leather


If you’re thinking of getting a wall cover that’s both a display and protects your wall at the same time, you can always use leather. As a type of fabric, it provides a smooth and structured effect. Unlike certain types of wall coverings that can’t really be cleaned easily, leather is one of the few types of material that is easy to clean and maintain in the long run. 


Installing Crown Mouldings




Contemporary moulding will be one of your best investments for a wall and ceiling trim. Staying subtly in the background at times and standing out magnificently at others, there’s just so many ways you can go about incorporating this architectural structure into your home. There are many types of materials that are available for purchase off-the-rack, but if you’re considering something more elaborate, you might have to do a custom order.


Emphasising the Practical


It can sometimes be hard to imagine what you could possibly do with your ‘vertical’ wall space. Instead of just slapping on a set of wall hooks, why not incorporate the hooks into the wall design? There are many wall hook designs you can consider and some of them don’t even look like wall hooks. You can even install some short boards or panels in different areas of the wall to provide a space to store your stuff and present a more interesting wall at the same time.


Paying Homage to Nature




If your home is surrounded by beautiful scenery, it kind of makes sense to incorporate as much of it in your own interior as well. This idea can apply to almost everything you have in your home. For your walls, you can choose to have wooden panels for some warmth, granite sheets for those cool moments and even glass and water to achieve a flowing effect.


The Glass Effect




We often overlook the fact that windows and walls can be the same thing at times. Sure, windows are a lot more fragile and see-through, but that also means that your tempered glass wall can look subtly sleek as a divider. Using glass also allows a lot more light to penetrate several parts of your home. If you’re worried about privacy, you can always use a matte glass instead.


Our homes are definitely one of the places we build and design with comfort in mind so it makes sense to devote more time to furnishing our walls. If you’ll ever sell your house, this is a good upgrade to its value, and if you decide to stay, it’s definitely something that makes all the difference to your peace of mind.