How Traveling Vineyards Introduced Levity To Wine Tastings

Traveling Vineyard is a wine seller which has been around since 2001. Their wines are sold through wine guides across the United States. When people find out how wine guides make their money they’re often surprised by how great the gig is. What they do is introduce other people to new wines at fun wine tasting events that they then make available for purchase directly through the company.

When thinking of a wine tasting event most people’s minds go instantly to a snobby affair with wine experts speaking their own language they don’t understand. They also think of their own lack of wine knowledge which makes them apprehensive to attend one of these events. a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting event is the polar opposite of snobby. They are instead designed to be fun affairs where all the women get to learn about wine in a relaxing atmosphere.

Wine tasting events are often held in the homes of the wine guides family and friends. All of the guests get to try out a variety of different bottles to see which ones they enjoy the most. The wine guides work on their own terms in that they can hold as many or as few events as their schedules allow. There are no minimum monthly sales quotas at Traveling Vineyard to meet. The initial starter kit costs $99 and that amount can be made back in just the first wine tasting event they hold.

One of the things that makes direct selling wine a winner is that it is consumable. Unlike trying to sell jewelry or candles that people only need to buy once in a great while. Wine is drunk and once the bottle is gone the person can order another bottle from the online website for more info about us Social Media: click here.

Traveling Vineyard actually went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010. The company was saved by Rick Libby who had originally founded the company. He had left after what he felt were some bad business decisions by the parent company which resulted in the eventual bankruptcy. He bought the company back and it now operates the way he thinks it should which benefits the customers, wine guides, and through them ultimately the company itself.