Why Did Fantasy Football Rankings Go Down Last Year?

Have you ever gotten into the intriguing world of Fantasy football rankings? It is a huge hobby among groups of men all over the United States, with regular guys betting hundreds on fantasy football rankings. Last year was supposed to be a prolific year from a 6 foot 4 inch only 211 pound player named Martavis Bryant.

Potential for Superstardom at a Young Age

He was supposed to shoot fantasy football rankings off the charts with incredible speed and a great mid round draft pick. He was the perfect fantasy football player on paper. He even had speed of 4.42 and numerous touchdowns.

Drugs Can Cause Problems in Your Professional Life

Unfortunately he affected quite a few fantasy football rankings because he was taken off the roster and suspended for the entirety of last year’s season. He did not pass a standard drug test for the second time and the NFL finds that unacceptable.