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Top Highlights on Kabbalah Center

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Madonna’s interest in the Jewish Religion ignited a series of similar actions by other stars. She spent so much getting to know more about the Jewish tradition and even opened several Kabbalah Centers. Stars like Britney Spears and the late Marilyn Monroe are some of those that joined her venture. Each star had their reasons for practicing Jewish despite not being born to it. According to the website of Kabbalah Center, the Kabbalah helps people reach self-fulfillment and creating their happiness. It provides a new way of seeing the world for its students. The Chabad goes on and says that it opens up an understanding for God and his interaction with the world. It offers clarity in the details of human lives. It outlines the plan for the world.

For Sandra Bernhard, the Kabbalah contributed greatly to getting rid of more than three-quarters of her life chaos. She told this to the Times Magazine in Los Angeles. Paris Hilton also had a near experience, according to More Magazine of Britain; the Kabbalah helped her overcome her break up with Nick Carter. This is what many students of the Kabbalah have witnessed. This, however, is not the case for all those stars. Sammy Davis became attached to the Kabbalah for different reasons. He did it because he believes Judaism has what he doesn’t; spiritual peace and honesty. He also believes becoming part of the ancient history would help give him inner strength.

In her words to Time Magazine, Madonna believes in helping other people, as the Kabbalah indicates. This to her was helping get the word of Kabbalah out globally. Elizabeth believed in the same which is why she converted to Judaism, taking part in activities or events that would help make the world a place. She supported the Wiesenthal Center and was also part of some documentary. Marilyn Monroe had no connection to Christianity which is why she joined Judaism. She appreciated their concepts because of the complicated background that she had. Rabbi Robert even believed in her loving nature as a human and her strength and ability to take on hardships. Madonna introduced Britney spears to the Kabbalah. She started off well but soon quit it when her husband broke up with her. For her, it was an extra activity that she abandoned when times get hard and learn more about Kabbalah.

Britney’s actions ignited criticisms of these non-Jew stars from Orthodox Jews. These criticisms included claims that the Kabbalah Center is not sanctioned in a letter to the greater Jewish community. The Kabbalah is typically meant for Jews of over 40 years. It is therefore not right to offer it to stars before they convert officially and before they are of age.


About Kabbalah Center

Opened in 1984, this is a non-profit organization that offers teachings about Kabbalah. The organization has over fifty other centers in other locations. It bases its teachings from the Zohar and other Kabbalists. According to Jewish tradition, the teachings of the Kabbalah were so complex that only Jews of over 40 years were allowed to take it.

The centers offer a great environment to provide students with learning opportunities and a free environment to share knowledge and to interact with each other by their studies and more information click here.

Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago Makes Shopping Even More Relaxing

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Roberto Santiago has changed the face of Brazilian commercial real estate forever. He created a very successful shopping center that has people talking about what they may be able to see next. People are excited about new developments that Roberto Santiago is coming up with because they were incredibly impressed with his wonderful Manaira Shopping Mall. This has been a very exciting establishment for people that come to a mall for lots of different reasons. There are young teenagers that are going to come to the mall to hang out and possibly eat with friends.


There are parents that have small children that been be looking for a game room or an amusement park for their children. There are all types of different needs that people have when they come to shopping malls and Roberto Santiago may have done the best at addressing all of these different needs. He has proven himself to be quite the successful businessman, and people have to given him props for the great amount of progress that he has made in transforming traditional mall settings.


In most mall environments there are going to be shops for clothing and shoes. There will also be food courts. This is typical in a mall environment so people that see this in their local mall in their city will not see another establishment like this as something out of the ordinary.


Roberto Santiago knew that he wanted to be more than an ordinary real estate entrepreneur. He knew that he wanted to create something for Brazil that would leave tourrists with something to talk about when they returned home. He wanted to create a mall environment that would shake up the commercial real estate industry in Brazil and give him a greater sense of probability when it came to expanding his real estate ventures. He knew that he could make small amounts of profit if he simply created a shopping center for customers, but he realized that he could make a substantial amount of income if he put his time and focus into building something that shoppers had not seen before. This is what the Manaira Mall was. It was a venture into the unknown. Few people can say that they know about an amusement park that has a gym and a bar. There are even fewer people that know of malls that have an amusement park. This is all part of the innovation that Roberto Santiago has entertained in order to keep people on their toes. He created the unexpected, and he continues to stay several steps ahead of the game with the innovation that he has created through his mall environment.


Roberto Santiago is making his way to the front line as a very innovative commercial real estate investor for Brazil. What people will be able to see is a whole new perspective on shopping and entertainment. Roberto Santiago made a choice to put all of these things in one centralized location to maximize enjoyment for shoppers.