Whitney Wolfe Expands Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is channeling her girl power spirit and bringing forth a dating app that challenges all the male entrepreneurs that have created dating apps. With Bumble she has managed to bring forth an exciting type of app that brings a new level of intrigue to the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe has done her best to create what she calls a feminist app. She has given women the chance to make the first move with this best create dating app, and that is getting people to have conversations about what she has done.

Whitney Wolfe knows the ropes quite well because she has been in the dating app business before she created Bumble. She was part of another team that created a successful dating app, and she knew that she would be up against the same co-founders of the app that she originally helped create. It would be to her advantage to bring forth something different than what she had already helped create with the dating app called Tinder.

When people look at the success that Whitney Wolfe has had they cannot help but to wonder if there was even anything new that she could bring to the table. Whitney Wolfe has been a great sport at having friendly competition with a lot of the other dating apps that are out there. She wanted to become a dominant player in the most popular dating world. She was not one that just wanted to take a backseat and become another competitor.

One might say that Whitney Wolfe passionate about the entire spectrum of social media as a whole. This is why she has managed to branch out and present Bumble as more than just a dating app company. It took a lot for her to build other elements into the Bumble equation, but she is now building aspects of her company that helps people that want to find networks for job opportunities. She is also building an app that allows people to create friendships. Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to starting multiple companies because she was already starting companies before she graduated from college.