The End to Accusations

There are many issues within the business world, and this includes patent laws for products that are generated by companies. Securus Technologies, an information technology firm, has recently been under fire by one of its competitors over the possibility of operating under expired patent codes for its products. If true this would mean that Securus would need to legally release its products for use in the outside world, and this would definitely mean ruin for the company as a whole. After much research has been conducted on the situation it would seem that these accusations are untrue and baseless. This means that not only will Securus continue to offer the same products to their customers but that they can continue to develop and build on these products for a long time to come.


Securus Technologies is a communications solution company that provides excellent service and products to incarcerated individuals currently residing within the United States prison system. One such product that is frequently used is a downloadable application for both Apple and Android devices that allow customers to communicate through video chat interfaces that work over reliable WiFi signals. This means that not only will inmates be able to effectively communicate with their loved ones on the outside, but they will be able to provide for them the ability to avoid uncomfortable security checks at the prison and also bypass time it would take to physically drive to the location itself.


Securus, through its products, has been able to give to their customers something that no one else has decided to do. Inmates are an often times ignored consumer base in the United States, and one that Securus happily and gratefully accepts with open arms. This identifies them as both a technology company and as a humanitarian firm as well.


There’s A New CEO of Manse on Marsh in California


The wonderful Assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo is happy to let everyone know that they have hired a new Chief Executive Officer for the Manse on Marsh facility. Farron Bernhardt comes to the facility with experience that will help grow the Manse on Marsh to a top contender in the marketplace. Farron Bernhardt was with the Nevada senior housing for over thirty years. He worked with neighborhood development and housing and was the Vice President overseeing the company. Farron made up his mind to pursue a new and exciting challenge and took on the job offered to him by the search committee. Farron will be looking at all parts of the facility to make sure everything is top shape and running smoothly.


The Manse on Marsh sits in the town of San Luis Obispo, California, according to A Place For Mom. It is a coastal town with seafood markets and downtown shopping areas. The area hosts seniors that wish to sit outside at the tiny tables for a cup of coffee and chat with their friends. It is easy to take a stroll downtown to do shopping and window shopping. The area is a small town with a large amount of comforts to offer.


AssistedLiving writes that the Manse on Marsh is a facility that offers flats, suites, and cottages. There are private homes and cottages that give the residents their independence and ability to bring along their personal belongings for comfort. The facility offers restaurant style dining with delicious choices of foods. There are many activities and social engagements for the people to enjoy when they come to live at the Manse. Parties and festivals are always the fun thing going on. Card games are challenging. Board games arranged and ready at any time. Arts and crafts are in the activity room for the resident’s pleasure.


The Manse on the Marsh will make anyone happy because they offer all the comforts of home with many other amenities to enjoy. Who else will be able to walk a few steps to the beauty parlor or the library. The movies are just a hop, skip and a jump. The nurses are always around so everyone has fun and feels safe while living at the Manse.  They can be contacted online, or look up an in depth review to get a feel for the facility.  For another view of The Manse on Marsh, we recommend’s insight and analysis, considering their history with the assisted living facility award programs.