Kieth Mann Takes an Active Involvement in the Causes He Believes In

Not only is Kieth Mann a forward thinking business executive, he is also a well known animal rights activist and humanitarian. Mr. Mann recently gave an interview to the Animal Liberation Foundation, where he discussed his personal views on animal abuse and cruelty. When asked about his active stand on the issue of animal rights, he replied about how taking action for what he believes in has become a way of life. This is why Mr Keith Mann often finds himself in the spotlight of many news articles pertaining to animal abuse and cruelty. The philosophy Mr. Mann chooses to follow embraces compassion for all living things. This compassion in turn leads to the higher evolution of human beings.

A Great Humanitarian

Not only has Kieth Mann been recognized for his outstanding work with protecting the rights of animals, he has also contributed a lot to help educate children from poor communities. Mr. Mann recently made news headlines when he helped raise more than twenty-two thousand dollars for the New York branch of Uncommon Schools. Mr. Mann and his company Dynamic Search Partners held a fundraising event to help raise money for the education of children who come from low income homes. Mr. Mann has openly stated how much he believes in the mission objective of the Uncommon Schools and their effort to help children from low income families get into college.

As a successful businessman working in the field of executive search and placement, Kieth Mann knows how important it is to have a good educational background to make it in today’s fast-paced business world. Mr. Mann saw the need to create a unique executive search agency designed to staff specialized positions. He took action by creating Dynamic Search Partners, which has grown to include clients in Asia and Europe. With his keen insight and amazing drive to succeed, it is no wonder why Mr. Mann is quick to give a hand to the causes he believes in.