Dick DeVos Within the Liquor Business

When researching and combing through some of the most influential individuals within the United States, one individual particularly stood out to me not only for his success in the world of business, but also through his dedication to preserving and to spreading the family name that he is dedicated to. This individual is Dick DeVos and is a successful individual in his own right who has continuously gone above all expectations to continue to spread the family legacy of the DeVos family. Dick DeVos is an individual who is inspired by his father and hopes to continue what his father has worked so hard to build over the past few decades. Thanks to his father, the DeVos family currently owns a multi-billion dollar corporation that is known as Amway Corporation.


 As a successful businessman who has dedicated over four decades to building the business of his family, Dick DeVos has recently taken the time to explore new hobbies and to try new things with his wife and his other family members. Many of these hobbies involve new investments which will lead to not only a high rate of return, but will also lead to an overall boost in local businesses across the United States.


 In most recent news, Dick DeVos has taken a particular interest in the liquor industry which is an industry that provides some of the highest quality liquors that everyone adores with much time and effort that is involved in the process. Dick DeVos has used this new investment opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream and to become an individual that is now a partner within this industry. Dick DeVos hopes to not only learn more of the business, but also learn about the secret to making the perfect concoction of liquor that can be sipped on and thoroughly enjoyed.


 This particular distillery is sought after to provide products for not only events, but also for restaurants. With the smooth taste as well as the traditional name, Dick DeVos has finally found a hobby worth pursuing. Thanks to Dick DeVos and his investments in this distillery, growth will continue that will expand the products as well as where it is located.