Time to Get Off the Zombie Train

VTA Publications, which is based in the UK, does a lot of great work for clients. Those wishing to learn more about the company may come across its exceptionally well-written blog. The articles on the site do provide a host of excellent tips and insights. One of the newer article warns about the “zombie train”.

No, the zombie train is not filled with the living dead. It is filled with the living, but these living persons have a fairly deadened approach to their careers.

An unfortunate habit people get into is they just go through the motions at their job. A fixed routine sets in and, even though some may be unhappy about their pay and position, they don’t change things much. Motivation ends up being diminished even further.

Not very much good is going to derive from this approach to work. Sadly, the problem won’t contain itself to just professional endeavors. The zombie train ends up enveloping people’s lives.

The article is not one of pure doom and gloom. The author provides a few bits of advice on how to shake one’s life up and get off the zombie train. A lot of self-motivation is required in order to do this. Nothing of any value comes easy.

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