Brushing To Get The Hair Longer

If you have short hair, you might wonder how to get it to grow faster. While some take vitamins and some use special shampoos, all it could take is brushing the hair to get it to grow. One woman decided to stop washing her hair after learning that certain kinds of brushes can make the hair grow faster than if you were to take a supplement or to use hair care products.

A boar bristle brush is one that has stronger bristles. When you use this kind of brush, the natural oils are distributed along the scalp. Most brushes have bristles that only cause damage to the strands of hair, breaking them in the process. A dermatologist in New York tested the theory to see if brushing really gives enough strength to the hair to make it grow at a faster rate. If it’s done daily and with the right type of bristle, then it can stretch the hair. It doesn’t mean that the actual hair is growing faster, it just means that the strands are being stretched so that they appear to be longer.

If you use a brush that has stronger bristles, then it can help improve the circulation along the scalp. The sebum near the scalp where the hair shaft is located is stimulated as well. This is what gives the hair its shine. Once the sebum is stimulated, you will notice that there is a fullness and a shine to the hair that washing on a daily basis usually doesn’t give as the sebum is often washed away. The increased circulation also provides oxygen to the hair shaft, which boosts the health of the hair as well.

Wengie is a beauty blogger who has reviewed various hair products. She offers advice on hair styles and what can be used to give the shine that is desired as well as how to get the strength in the hair so that it doesn’t break as easily. Wengie often appears on YouTube, addressing millions with her beauty hacks and secrets.

One of the things that Wengie wants others to know is that it’s alright to be unique. Everyone has their own style when it comes to makeup and hair. She wants to give her viewers the best experience possible when it comes to the advice she gives so that they get the results they desire. Wengie is from China and has grown up in Australia.