An Insight by Matt Badiali that Oil Prices Will Significantly Increase

Matt Badiali started his career as a scientist, but later in the year 2014, joined the finance industry. He established Real Wealth Strategist, his first newsletter in May 2017. The Matt’s newsletter has gained many readers who benefit from numerous natural resource stock recommendations and advisory contained in the publication. Matt has incorporated his vast Geology and Science knowledge into analyzing the existing oil markets.

According to Matt Badiali, the variations in the geopolitical environment eventually impact the oil prices across the world. Political tensions disrupt the exportation of oil products, a factor that makes the cost of locally made crude plummets to increase. The world has experienced a stable and affordable oil production since 2014. However, Badiali believes that there exist some factors which will eventually send the prices skyrocketing. Investors who are willing to enter into the oil market could finally enjoy significant gains if some of the factors become a reality.

Competitive future oil contracts

The stability of the United States dollar has enabled it to dominate the energy since 1944. Additionally, all major oil exporting nations sell their contracts in U.S dollars. As per Matt Badiali, a bigger percentage of countries are in support of the status quo of the U.S dollar, except for China which is about to release a new exchange, whereby future contracts will be Yuan-denominated. The China exchange, according to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, will give market participants a platform to buy and sell oil contracts. Matt recommends that investors willing to prosper in the recent oil markets should closely monitor China’s new exchange.

Venezuela’s Crisis

The severe financial crisis has consumed and destroyed Venezuela’s economy in all sectors. Inflation levels have increased, thus making foreign investors to pull out of Venezuela. Oil production market in Venezuela has also been surprised by the prevailing economic woes. Oil production levels have significantly reduced from 3 million barrels per day in 1997 to 1.4 million barrels per day. Production of oil could fall even lower if the crisis in Venezuela continues. Matt Badiali is encouraging investors to monitor the crisis in the nation carefully. Venezuela continues to export the small amount of oil that they produce. Investors should closely monitor the rise in prices of oil as oil exports of Venezuela reduce.

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Hussain Sajwani – Setting Industry Standards as the DAMAC Owner

There is an old saying that success leaves clues. It happens to be true. If you follow the life and experiences of successful people, you can see the events and circumstances that helped forge their success. Hussain Sajwani is such an individual. He is currently the Chairman of DAMAC Properties. For him, the road to success started early.

He started working at his family’s business at a young age, and gained much of the initial experience that would benefit him later in life. He understands what it is to be an entrepreneur. His father’s business sold watches. Hussain Sajwani applied himself in school, and received a government scholarship to attend school in America.

His early success and drive led him to open a catering business, which grew to scale in only five years. Now, his business consists of more than 200 projects and serves over 150,000 meals a day. His business success is undeniable. However, Sajwani saw an opportunity to invest in real estate. This of course led to him becoming the DAMAC owner. Without his rich, past experiences, DAMAC Properties may have never become a reality.

As the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani  and his company take a lot of pride in offering clients exceptional services. As such, the company is one of the leading developers of luxury real estate in the entire Middle East. Their scope of real estate services range from advising investors to helping people choose the family home of their dreams.

As the DAMAC owner, Sajwani’s company has delivered nearly 22,000 homes to customers, and the numbers keep growing.

Hussain Sajwani is also an individual who believes in hiring and retaining talented employees. These employees include contractors, designer, and architects at the highes levels of their profession. Add to this his company’s ability to pick the right development locations right down to the materials his company chooses for building.

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The RealReal Keeps it Real

As you would imagine from a company that has ‘Real’ in its name twice, making sure their product is authentic is one of the key parts of the consignment business. If customers do not have faith that they are buying genuine luxury items, then the entire process would break down. When you are dealing with some of the biggest names in the fashion business, customers expect to get what they pay for. Julie Wainright has been doing this now for six years, and she knows how to sell the products. There is a step by step process that includes verification, analysis, and pricing to make sure the items sell. They certainly have been selling, and most products sell within 30-60 days. It is a great way to own the biggest names in fashion without paying the full price.

When people know there are operations like Julie’s, they are more willing to invest in high end fashion items. The knowledge that they will retain some of their value makes the investment more appealing. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus have partnered with Wainright as they also see the huge benefits of the consignment section of the fashion industry.

Customers can shop safe in the knowledge that they will receive exactly what they paid for. Wainright’s business depends on trust. She employs experts to make sure that each item is both legitimate and in great condition. With the watches and jewelry she sells, there are expert gemologists and horologists. She is not a second hand store, and while the prices may be lower than a new item, the customer will receive a top quality product. The company is set up to receive, appraise and ship products with efficiency, and the customer can rely on the fact that Wainright stays true to the company’s name and keeps it real.

Jacob Gottlieb Is Still Set On The Healthcare Industry With Altium Capital

The healthcare industry is a lucrative one, as technology continues to get better and healthcare is needed more around the world. This is one of the reasons why Jacob Gottlieb has chosen it as his particular field of interest when it comes to investing. Jacob also focuses on the healthcare industry because it was his first career choice before he became a successful investor. As a man with experience in the healthcare industry, it makes it easier for Jacob to understand the market and find good companies to invest in that have potential. Altium Capital is Jacob’s new focus and this new hedge fund will look for companies in the healthcare industry to invest in and possibly bring to a new level of success.

At the moment, Altium Capital is still in the works and remains a small corporation with just a handful of employees managing assets. At first, Jacob Gottlieb was going to take a break from the industry after he had to close down his former company, Visium Asset Management. Unfortunately, closing down a company is a long and costly journey which took a toll on Jacob because he didn’t get any compensation. Just two years after the closure of Visium, Altium Capital is on the way to becoming a full-fledged hedge fund focused on investing in healthcare businesses.

According to Jacob Gottlieb, there is always fluctuation going on right now in the healthcare industry between money coming in and out. For seasoned investors, the healthcare industry is a perfect opportunity to capitalize on. Visium Asset Management flourished under Jacob Gottlieb’s leadership, it was just an unfortunate circumstance that he had to close the company due to a scandal with other members in management. Jacob is going to use his new company to make improvements on his old business strategy as well as the people he gets into business with.

Chris Burch Spreads Entrepreneurial Work Via Burch Creative Capital.

There are entrepreneurs and then there are serious entrepreneurs. Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and, perhaps, one of the most successful entrepreneurs working in the field today. Burch has had a number of high-profile investments bring him both commercial success and global acclaim. Burch is well-known for his collaboration on ‘ED’ by Ellen DeGeneres as well as his work in buying and resurrecting the luxury resort known as Nihiwatu — now considered the top island resort in all of Indonesia, check here at ( With this kind of success at his back, what is Burch focused on next?

For Chris Burch, life as an entrepreneur is something that you never quit paying attention to. He has no rhythm or routine to his life and he could be in Los Angeles one week and the South Pacific the next. Despite this varied schedule, or perhaps because of it, Chris Burch is always looking at things from a new perspective. Along with this new perspective, Chris Burch is on the lookout for projects to invest in via Burch Creative Capital.

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If you caught Burch long enough to have lunch with him, he’d inevitably begin detailing some of his future goals. RIght now, Burch is fascinated and appreciative of the ‘tiny home’ movement. Burch believes in consolidating ‘things’ in favor of real-life experiences and what better way is there to do that than by putting yourself into a modular, tiny home? Burch has invested heavily in Cocoon9 as a result of his passion for the movement. Cocoon9 builds tiny homes that are packed with a serious punch of amenities.


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Senlis – Thank you Mr Pinet and Marco for my new amazing Home in Senlis France @marcoscarani

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While Chris Burch has been as successful as anyone in the industry, even he has some thoughts on what he could have done differently. Burch wouldn’t change much, he admits, but he would push harder for his dreams at a younger age if he had to do anything differently.

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New CEO Apologizes to Customers

An article posted on, introduces to customers the new CEO of Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie. The article quotes an apology letter written by Steve Ritchie apologizing to Papa John’s customers for events that took place within the company this year and goes into detail about actions he will take to move the company forward. Even though the name Steve Ritchie is new to the general public, we learn in this letter that the CEO is not new to the company. Ritchie states that he has been with the company for 22 years. The letter uses multiple bullet points to lay out Ritchie’s plan for future actions, including auditing their “culture and diversity and inclusion practices”, getting feedback from employees and promises of transparency. Steve Ritchie then goes on to thank customers for their loyalty and reiterate that the company is only in business because of it’s customers.

The article goes on to describe a letter that was written by Steve Ritchie previous to this one and describes the missing attributes of compassion and direct apology, that made the previous letter miss the mark on sincerity. The article states that either Steve Ritchie himself noticed the faux pas or someone wisely pointed out his shortcomings.

We then read how Steve Ritchie Papa Johns corrected the mistakes made in the first letter by being directly apologetic and empathetic to the situation described. The author at first appears to be approving of the corrected second version of the letter by showing and asking for accountability in his new position with the company, but then in the next paragraph semi-chastises the new CEO for his first attempt at the letter. The author then immediately goes on to say they are choosing to look at the bright side and take the apology letter as sincere. Follow Steve Ritchie on Twitter.

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Matt Badiali is The Mind Behind Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter

Matt Badiali is a reputable investment and financial advisor when it comes to natural resources, metal, and energy. He started his career as a scientist after graduating from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University with a B.S. in earth sciences and Master of Science in geology respectively. He also attended the University of North Carolina whereby he was chasing his Ph.D., and during that time, he met a friend who introduced him to the field of finance. The friend had already achieved a Ph.D. in finance and therefore required Badiali’s assistance in developing investments methods for an average American.

Matt Badiali had some business experience after watching his father struggle with investments. With this experience and his academic qualification, he realized that it would be very easy to works with his friend and help people find reliable investments. Since then, he has been sharing investment advice with different investors not only in the United States but also in countries across the world. His main focus is on investments on metals, energy and natural resources. He usually shares his advice through writing and in the year 2017 he launched a newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist together with Banyan Hill. The newsletter quickly became renown to many readers who are benefiting from his recommendations on natural resource stock.

During an interview with IdeaMensh, he said that the idea to establish the newsletter came as a result of his realization that investments on natural resources require extraordinary skills. Badiali found it as an easy way to reach out to different people who are interested in the industry. He also added that the idea was an excellent fit for his experience and education. Matt Badiali loves writing in the morning when his mind is still active and read more in the afternoon. Badiali brings his ideas to reality by demonstrating his actual experiences in writing, and this makes his written advice more real than infatuations. One thing that excites Matt Badiali is the change in energy consumption whereby people are relying more on electric-centric energy rather than oil and kerosene. By sharing his investment ideas through writing, Badiali has managed to help many people to make the right investments decisions especially on investment in natural resources.

OSI Food Solutions (Expansions, Acquisitions, and Recognition)

The reason OSI food solutions are among the top 100.
OSI food solutions are considered one of the world’s largest meat processing industries. What’s makes this meat processing giant stand out is its continued support of quality products and excellent customer service since it was a small meat market in 1909. It has been supplying meat products to our favorite food chains from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut.

The Globe Honor 2016.
The food solutions were among eighteen other organizations competing for this award. The competition requires that any organization willing to participate has participated in positive environmental maintenance practices and has received all the five stars by the British Safety Council’s audit from August 2015 and July 2016. OSI food solutions were awarded the Globe honor for its excellent environmental risk maintenance strategies.


OSI Food Solutions double chicken production.
Food solutions expanded to Spain to increase their market base. The plant is located in Toledo and had a capacity of about twelve thousand tons annually. OSI invested in a large-scale production line that doubled the annual poultry produce. The Toledo plant now produces beef and pork along with the poultry. The improvement of equipment for receiving, storing and other operations is set to boost the high production plant which currently has a capacity of 45000 tons.

Purchases and acquisitions.
In 2017, OSI food solutions purchased Tyson food plant. The plant was on a 200000 sqft space that was convenient for OSI expansion that would increase food production to cater to the North American market. Though the industry has other plants located in the area, the demand for OSI products was rising too fast compared to production. Therefore the need for the Chicago expansion.

Flagship Europe and Baho Food acquisition.
This acquisition happened in 2016 to help the organization increase its reach in the European market. Formerly known as the Flagship Europe, the industry processed pies, frozen poultry, etc. Currently, it’s called Creative Foods to match its purpose.

Baho was another European acquisition that helped The food solutions to increase production its market in German and Netherlands. Baho processed and distributed deli meats and snacks in the Netherlands and Germany prior the acquisition.

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Paul Mampilly Warns Investors About Cryptocurrency

The Daily Forex Report recently published an article detailing the importance of information on the stock market and making trades, specifically in the cryptocurrency market, in the article “Paul Mampilly has Struck Gold Again.” The article was written by Caleb Garvin to explain the recent bubble in cryptocurrency and how it is poised to burst.

According to the financial analyst and investment guru, Paul Mampilly, cryptocurrency is an investment bubble that is ready to burst because it has become the center of attention in popular culture. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have driven large amounts of public interest, however, this might be an indicator that the bubble is getting ready to burst. The digital form of currency is not controlled by banks or the government and exists completely online. Bitcoin was made in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto who wanted to create an electronic exchange system for large tech companies.

However, Mampilly points out that the value of Bitcoin is created based on the demand for it and it is dependent entirely on what people believe it is worth. This has created an intense growth period for the cryptocurrency, but it is often unsustainable. Paul Mampilly believes that investors should do a great deal of research prior to investing in any stock, let alone one as volatile as cryptocurrency. Mampilly revealed that because publications kept ranting about how the price of the cryptocurrency continued to rise, people believed it and continued to buy it. However, when the bubble simply could not sustain itself, investors recognized that they could not earn the same gains.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Montclair State University with his BBA in Finance and Accounting. After completing his BBA, he continued to study business at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Once he completed his education he went to work on Wall Street, working with large companies like the Deutsche Asset Management, ING Funds, and Bankers Trust Company. He became the Senior Portfolio Manager at Kinetics Asset Management where he grew the hedge funds from $5 billion to $25 billion.

However, Paul Mampilly soon recognized that he wanted to help the average American make the same kind of gains in their investments. He started working with Banyan Hill Publishing to create Profits Unlimited.

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The Accomplishments of Krishen Iyer

The former quick link marketing currently known as Managed Benefits Services was started two years ago by Krishen Iyer. This company majors in technical growth, online marketing, and client interfacing. Note that he mainly focuses on dental and health insurance. He has become very successful because he is persistent; he is dedicated to his customers, and he is very attentive. He has flourished all through his professional and academic occupation, and he has initiated numerous companies.




He started his first insurance company in 2002 before he graduated from the San Diego State University in 2004. He continued expanding his business despite being the Chief Executive Officer and founder of HIS insurance. In 2009, he started another company known as Name My Premium since IHS was not meeting his expectations. He worked hard and the second company became successful and ve4ry famous.




It is essential to note that Krishen Iyer enjoys doing community service with his family, he loves playing chess, and soccer during his free time. In a recent interview, he confessed that he ensures that he is involved in client interfacing and development on a daily basis. He also likes concentrating on advertising so that he can be effective in the business and it helps him to focus on the needs of his customers.




He believes that effective communication is the only way of making ideas work. He insists that all the great ideas came through communication. He is a very curious person, and he normally asks different people some questions, and it has helped him to realize that people don’t see things in the same way.




The executive thinks that the worst job is the one that does not give workers a chance to learn new stuff. He has always learned new things in every job that he has done, and for that matter, he has never come across a bad job.